The first full game of our OCMS system.

Coming out July 15th!

"The Beginning"

The first 'full' game in the OCMS World War two - Europe series provides coverage for the early part of the war in North and Central Europe.  The Polish campaign, the campaign in the West (France and the Low Countries), The Battle of Britain, The Dieppe attack, the absorption of the Baltic states by the USSR, and the other changes during the first part of the war (September 1, 1939 - March 15, 1943).  This includes the occupation and garrisoning of France, Belgium, and the Netherlands for this time frame.  Forces exit the game to conduct operations in the Balkans (to be covered by "Mediterranean Mosaic" ,  and the Invasion of the USSR (to be covered by "Strike to the East" (1941 - March 1943), & "Into the Lair" (March of 1943 - July 1945).  This game leads directly to "Liberation & Triumph" (the Western Allied invasion to the end of Germany (March 15, 1943 - July 1945). This game does NOT include Denmark and the Scandinavian campaigns (which will be covered in "Magnetic North").

The OCMS system is a highly playable, operational level game allowing the players to command the air, sea, and ground forces active in the campaigns.  The ground combat system takes into account the types of units, their tactical mobility, combat efficiency, and weapons.  It also brings into the combat the effects of terrain, weather, supply, and air support.  Using a system of odds column shifts that are made by these factors to modify the basic odds of the combat reduces the actual calculations while retaining all these critical aspects.  Air combat is a NO die roll match up of the aircraft involved again allowing play to be rapid even including the ability to have interceptions occur during the flight TO the target, with both players able to get the resulting losses for each 'match up' again to speed play on larger games.  The basic naval system in the games is simplified to a matter of naval points (the full naval system will be much more detailed and will be in "The War at Sea - Atlantic")

The basic ground units are divisions (with artillery, engineer, and other independent support elements shown as battalions), with highly detailed Orders of Battle providing much historical data that is of interest, even if not 'used' in the system.  The Air units are set as 'groups' (40 aircraft each) and 'Squadrons' (10 aircraft each).


1 x Map (on reinforced vinyl) one piece 46 inches X 66 inches in size
8,960 counters
General rules of 27 pages in size
National rules of 15 pages in size
Charts of 24 pages in size
Examples section 23 pages in size
1 x D10

Plus in depth Orders of Battle and Appearance for all nations covered.

We are production ready - and are now taking orders.




"The Beginning" - $250 (map in a tube, all other materials in a box)
A $30 shipping charge applies for all orders and will be added at checkout.


International Shipping Charge - $100.00
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