What and Why Game Production Workshop?

Game Production Workshop L.L.C. arose to be the 'corporate' home of the new Operational Combat Model System games, and of Master Europa. The name was chosen to invoke the tie back to the now defunct "Game Designer's Workshop (GDW)" which was the birthplace of the "Europa" game system in the early 70's. As Europa broke new ground, so does the OCMS now. Both systems cover wide areas, and the OCMS system will also cover many historical eras, making use of a common set of rules and concepts. The point is to make learning any one game providing you with the knowledge to play any other in the series. "Learn one - Learn them all".

The 'mission' for the workshop is threefold:

  1. Develop and produce the OCMS series games.
  2. Continue production and work on the Master Europa Set of modules.
  3. Provide production assistance to independent designers or small companies.

1. The Operational Combat Model System is a new, stand alone, game system, it will cover the entire Second World War, and other wars through history and into the future. With OCMS, the pathways begun in the older design work have been brought to their logical development, and increase the realism and playability at the same time. The game player is presented with the real choices and restrictions that their historic (or future historic) counterparts would have to deal with.

2. Master Europa can be looked at in detail at (www.mastereuropa.com ). It was introduced in 1992 as a value adding accessory to the Europa game series. It is NOT a stand alone product. It was developed to provide an alternative rules set for use with all the games produced, and bring the series to a 'grand conclusion' that has not yet been achieved by the Europa series itself.

All products of GPW are produced on demand, with the printing and die cutting all being done 'in house'. No product will go 'out of print'. and if the product is listed as being available, it is.

3. GPW will also offer printing of maps, and die cutting of counters at reasonable prices. This will allow small production runs of games to be done, to high standards, at an economical price for independent designers, or small companies. Allowing these folks to 'enter' the market at a reasonable prices, and sustain their product with small orders.

For information on production assistance, please contact us directly and we will see what can be done!

GPW consists of Tom & Melanie Johnson as members of the L.L.C.. We handle production, sales, and order fulfillment in addition to design and development duties. The games have design teams that work on them, receiving credits in them as appropriate.


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